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Director's Message

Ankur Mayur Patel
Director of Advancement
+1 (818) 470-4019

Going into my third year as the Director of Advancement for Hindu University of America, I am proud that we are on the precipice of the promise of an American institution of higher learning that brings Dharmic values to the world’s public consciousness.

We have gone from less than a dozen legacy students to a thriving community of dharmic learners numbering well over 1,000 in the last 8 quarters. As we take HUA to the next level, we need your investment.

As a rapidly growing university in its formative stages, Hindu University of America requires serious monetary support to realize our current priorities:

  1. Expand scale and mix of student base;
  2. Strengthen programs, faculty and administration;
  3. Ensure financial sustainability for 5 years into the future;
  4. Provide leadership in shaping the Hindu narrative; and
  5. Secure accreditation and strengthen the HUA brand.

At the Advancement Office of HUA, our mission is to cultivate lasting relationships between the university and our growing global community of allies and donors, acknowledging generosity and communicating the impact of donor support. Our goal is to provide meaningful, personalized donor acknowledgement and recognition, ensure accurate recording of biographical and gift information, communicate appropriate updates on the status of donor-supported initiatives, and steward gifts and funds to ensure proper resource utilization within established University policies.

Currently, the University is accepting contributions in three giving categories:

  • Sustenance Funds: To be used to cover institutional operations costs and grow faculty and administrative operations.
  • Capital Funds: To be used for construction and maintenance of physical assets, campus facilities and buildings.
  • Endowment Funds: To be used to invest in university scholarship, teaching, and research while building long term financial security for HUA

HUA does not just want to educate Hindu Americans, but all Americans who are interested in institutions of higher education researching and presenting different perspectives and knowledge systems which have been missing in public discourse. Facing the challenges of political and religious extremism, climate catastrophe, widespread poverty contrasted with mind boggling wealth, and an ongoing global pandemic - I am honored to be doing the work of leading Hindu University of America through the accreditation process.

Please join me in this dharmic work and make a contribution today, sign up for a course, give a scholarship, reach out to me directly, and sign up for the HUA Buzz.

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